For the price of a cup of coffee a week you can provide a place for a pair of kiwi to thrive.

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Support kiwi and receive a pdf certificate and letter about the project. A great gift for a birthday, wedding or for those kiwi missing home.


You really can and will make a difference. From trapping to track maintenance, join us and help our kiwi.

East Taranaki Environment Collective

East Taranaki Environment Collective is a community led conservation initiative administered by the East Taranaki Environment Trust.

Our mission is to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity in East Taranaki.  Our approach to restoring ecosystem and increasing native biodiversity of our 18,000 hectare project area is through the control of invasive pest species.  Our predator work consists of 1300 DOC 200 and 600 DOC 250 traps targeting mustelids, and over 1200 resetting traps (A12s and A24s) that target rats and possums. Our pest operations, through our trap network, goat control and toxin operations, provide a place for kiwi, kōkako, New Zealand long-tailed bats and other native species to thrive.


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