Support a kiwi

Since 2005 East Taranaki Environment Trust has been growing the kiwi population in Taranaki.

Our Conservation project in East Taranaki is a success story and has become a national stronghold for the future of the Western Brown Kiwi.

Now 18, 000 hectares is now home to a thriving population of kiwi.  To enable us to continue this important work costs an estimated $45 per hectare.

We know people are keen to support our iconic kiwi. Whether you are a business or an individual you can help to protect and keep kiwi in Taranaki.

Supporting our birds is a unique way to help preserve our Taranaki native taonga and share the project with your family, friends, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

These birds are truly magnificent and they need our help to survive and thrive in Taranaki. By supporting our kiwi, you are making a real difference.